Mixvit WS

Mixvit WS


Each 10 gm premix powder contains- Vitamin A 10,00,000 I.U, Vitamin D₃ 2,50,000 I.U, Vitamin E 200 mg, Vitamin B₁ 120 mg, Vitamin B₂ 320 mg, Vitamin B6 120 mg, Nicotinamide 200 mg, Vitamin B5 184 mg, Vitamin B₁₂ 0.2 mg Folic Acid 10 mg, Vitamin C 3000 mg, Vitamin K₃ 160 mg, Biotin 1 mg


This products are applicable for cocks, hens & ducks –oppression for temperature, oppression for transportation, vaccination , illness by changing place & food ,illness by use of anti-helminthic & antibiotic drugs, in the problem of Deveakin this powder is very effective. Enhance normal growth of poultry. Increase production of egg & meat. Disease for malnutrition & increase immunity & provide energy after passing illness. This powder used to remove all of above problems.


1 gm powder mixed with 2.5 to 5 Liter water & make a solution given for 3-5 days or 10 gm powder mixed with every 20-40 kg feed properly .


10GM, 100GM