Delyte WSP

Delyte WSP


Each 1000 gm powder contains--- Sodium Bi-Carbonate 500.00 gm, Vitamin A 20,00,000 I.U., Sodium Chloride 266.00gm, Potassium Chloride 50.00 gm, Dextrose Anhydrous 180.00 gm


Delyte WSP used in animal for the treatment of dysentry, pollution of blood, white stool of calf, metabolic acidosis, prevent water deficiency created by much heat stress or by any others disease . Maintain balance of fluid & electrolyte in the body. Work effectively in the deficiency of Na+ ,Cl-, K+, HCO3- used in the deficiency of water during transfer of animals. Decrease mortality of chicks. This products is also used as a helpful diets of poultry & cattle.


Mixed 1.5 gm with 1 liter of pure drinking water make a proper solution & given throughly within the period of illness. Every time use freshly prepared solution, prepare saline should used within 12 hours. if necessary take advice from veterinary physician.


25 GM,1 KG


Poultry, Dairy