Quality Policy

Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited (LPL) ultimate goal is quality. It started journey with the slogan which is “Quality no compromise”. Our objective is to constantly achieve quality excellence. To achieve this we take considerable focus in adherence to the Quality Assurance policies. Quality Assurance though an independent function, work as an interface between R&D & manufacturing strictly abiding with standardized Quality system, providing consistency ,effectiveness & efficiency for all manufacturing activities. World health organization has approved cGMP & cGLP are followed in every step of its operation.

Written SOP are maintained for every process, which are being closely monitored to ensure that all concern personal are complying with these procedures. LPL quality control Lab is well equipped with the most modern & sophisticated equipments like HPLC, FTIR, UV visible, Spectrophotometer, Dissolution Tester, Potentiometric, Titrator, Refracto meter, etc. We have also modern microbiology Lab.

The Total Quality Assurance activities are accomplished by two departments, Quality compliance & Quality control which are accomplished of competent Pharmacist, chemist & microbiologist.

Following major functions covered of quality assurance life.
Each facilities validation such as room qualification Cleaning Validation Analytical method validation Manufacturing process Validation Approval & release of raw & packaging materials for store & finished Products. Maintained and stored all documents, like SOP, License etc Documentation Of technical information including dossier.