Mixvit TRP

Mixvit BC
July 6, 2019
Mixvit DB Plus
July 6, 2019
Each 100 gm premix powder contains- Vitamin B₁ 5000 mg, Vitamin B₂ 1000 mg, Vitamin B6 2000 mg, Dextrose Anhydrous 92 gm

In the deficiency of Vitamin B1, B2, B6 it is used in poultry & birds for the treatment of paralysis, karl-To-Paralysis & also to prevent different type of stress this powder is more effective. Produce hydrochloric acid which helps in digestion, balance normal growth of animals, helps to make mucous membrane of different tissue , make hemoglobin & red blood cell, maintain level of blood sugar & also prevent physical weakness.

1 gm powder mixed with 1 Liter pure drinking water, or 10gm powder with every 4- 5 kg feed given for 3-5 days. Otherwise prescribed with the suggestion of registered veterinary doctor.
20GM, 100GM

Poultry, Dairy