Message from Director Finance

Successful company is driven by a team of quality professionals having honesty, sincerity and dedication to the firm. We are proud to acknowledge that Lillian Pharmaceuticals Ltd belongs to those kinds of skilled peoples in Marketing and Manufacturing division.

Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited is strictly adherence to its quality policy established by a panel of Professional and technical experts from home and abroad.

Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited is dedicated and affectionate to apply innovative ideas both in Marketing and manufacturing units practicing and installing most modern technology to provide most appropriate products conforming to the global standard of branded generics.

Safety is one of the vital considerations where Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited follows Environment Health and Safety (EHS) policy to maintain good relation on Environment Health and Safety (EHS) issues with neighbors, authorities, customers and suppliers. Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited is committed to increase awareness and motivate employees on Environment Health and Safety (EHS) culture through training at all levels.

Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited has set principles for product development which provide the best Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic effects ensuring the utmost efficacy of medicines. Lillian Pharmaceuticals Limited is continuously updating advanced technology hiring world reputed experts appointed as consultants.

Wishing the best Lillian family.

Md. Shariful Alam
Director Finance
Lillian Pharmaceuticals Ltd.